Hi Everyone:

It is with a heavy heart that I write to all of you that the Conference of the Lakes 2020 conference has been cancelled. It was not a decision that was easily made but it was one that puts the common welfare of our recovery community first and also follows the spirit of cooperation with the newest government regulations. We are working with the Woodcliff to finalize our event cancellation and appreciate your patience. Individual committees will be receiving outreach from myself and Brian to assist with any work they may need to perform to work thru contract / speaker cancellations. We will be working with the Treasurer Chair and Co-Chair and Registration Committee to return any and all registration dollars that have been received thus far. We ask for extra patience in this matter. We will also be posting notifications on social media that can be shared.

We also ask that we all remember the spirit of our Traditions when engaging in conversation about our conversation. Engaging in public controversary has never served a 12 step organization very well. An old-timer once told me that I may be the only Big Book that someone ever encounters and I don't ever want to be the reason that someone feels that they cannot reach out for help. I was reminded in a small meeting in Honeoye this morning that all it takes to make a meeting is 2 people and a coffee pot and even this can occur over the phone.

We want to thank each and every one of you for all of your hard work and efforts this year and with your continued service and support we will be able to return in 2021 with renewed vigor and enthusiasm. We will have a wrap-up meeting tentatively scheduled for April 14th, although the venue may need to change. We will keep you posted. If you have any questions please reach out to myself or Brian and we are happy to chat.

Yours In Service,
Brian V. & Nikki H

The Conference of the Lakes is a gathering of the recovering community in the Finger Lakes region.
Here, in the heart of the Finger Lakes, we take time out each year to share and broaden our recovery experience beyond the personal and group level.
We have no direct connection with any other organization or efforts.
This conference is a Celebration of Recovery.
Our primary purpose is to carry the A.A. message with Al-Anon participation and to fellowship joyously together.